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MPA sets out five-point agenda for government action

THE Mineral Products Association (MPA) has launched an agenda which sets out five key strategic priorities that will allow the industry to support and help deliver the Government’s economic, environmental and social aims and aspirations.

The agenda marks the conclusion of a successful first year for the new trade body and clearly sets out those areas where it believes reciprocal government support must be forthcoming. The five agenda headlines are:

1. Economic conditions that support investment
A stable economy is now fundamental, as is a less penal attitude to the industry’s tax burden. Only if government commits to, and delivers, long-term investment will MPA members, particularly those with international operations, have confidence to spend in the UK.

2. Better government support for an essential industry
The industry needs more effective government sponsorship and a co-ordinated approach from its departments based on heightened awareness. Operators will deliver sustainable built environment solutions in return for a more rigorous science-based evaluation of the credentials of competing materials.


3. A reasonable ‘licence to operate’
The UK can only enjoy the benefits of its mineral products if it has a sound licence to operate. That means an effective, simpler, more consistent and faster planning system based on realistic assessments of future demand.

4. Proportionate legislation and regulation
Proper regulation of industry is important but the mineral products sector is faced with an overwhelming and often conflicting volume. The cumulative burden is massive. New legislation must be fit for purpose and not unfairly ‘gold plated’ when transposed from Brussels to the UK.

5. Recognition of progress
The UK mineral products industry is a world leader in the quality of its operations and the best in Europe at recycling and resource efficiency. The industry is also a big contributor to overcoming the challenges of climate change. It needs recognition for its progress and for the essentiality of its products.

Commenting on the agenda, Nigel Jackson, chief executive of the MPA, said: ‘This is a positive agenda for our industry and government. We are not presenting government with a shopping list of demands, but setting out how we can contribute to improving our built environment and enhancing our natural environment. We both have responsibilities to make things work better.’


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