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Market success for CRS kinetic flow screen

Blue Group experience considerable success with the CRS KF 44-18 kinetic flow screen

Blue Group are experiencing considerable success with the CRS KF 44-18 kinetic flow screen for which they are appointed distributors.

The innovative ‘flip flow’ technology of the KF 44-18 allows waste management and recycling specialists to extract even greater volumes of recyclable fines material from waste streams, after primary screening, for blending or further separation as single-size saleable material. This increased extraction of recyclables also reduces tip-to-landfill volumes, saving transport costs and landfill tax while greatly contributing to environmental preservation. Blue Group report that they have delivered numerous units to recycling companies in the past few months, especially the recently introduced mobile version.

Kinetic flow technology is specifically targeted at the waste-recycling industries but also has a versatility that spans many sectors and materials including fine screening in gypsum, compost, coal, soil, ballast and woodchip screening, separating fines material of 0-70mm size and most difficult sticky materials.

Based on the proven kinetic flow principle, the patented design produces a unique and aggressive ‘pitch, throw and action’ that results in clean fines material, no matter how wet or sticky. A screening area of 1.80m x 4.4m provides a high throughput, high-quality components provide durability and efficiency, and the self-cleaning polyurethane screen elements are easily replaced. The crawler-mounted model provides site mobility for moving the unit to the material, rather than the other way round. For MRFs, however, the modular design of the static version of the unit allows quick installation and set-up for retrofitting to existing plants to enhance the output.

Maximizing recovery of valuable useable material, the CRS KF 44-18 kinetic flow screen has a range of applications, including: fine mixed C&D waste (0-80mm); mixed organic waste; damp and sticky materials such as powders, soils and sand; shredded mulch or organic materials.


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