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Marangoni introduce Blackline MIX202

Blackline MIX202 tyre

New and innovative high-mileage Ringtread pattern for demanding on/off-road applications

MARANGONI Retreading Systems have announced the latest addition to their Ringtread MIX family, the product range created to meet the needs of users in the on/off-road segment.

The new Blackline MIX202 is an innovative tread pattern designed for use on the drive axle of vehicles operating on demanding surfaces in mixed road/quarry applications.

Marangoni say this new pattern significantly improves on the features of previous-generation Ringtreads, such as the MIX101 and the MIX100, by having a tread depth of 22mm and a Blackline compound that ensures very high mileage.

Moreover, MIX202 is a non-directional profile, which means less risk of incorrect fitting and greater flexibility.

Blackline MIX202 is a drive-axle design featuring a pattern with open shoulders and large transverse blocks, and a new and innovative ornamental sipe with a central hole on the shoulder block, ensuring ideal cooling of the block during service; this helps to minimize heat generation and contributes to longer casing and tread life.

The tread pattern ensures proper transfer of forces due to the presence of transverse tread blocks and reinforcing bridges. This permits high resistance to impacts and chafing against rocks/stones and provides greater stability on soft, muddy ground.

Blackline MIX202 also features good self-cleaning properties due to the pattern geometry and the wide-opening shoulders, thus reducing the risk of tearing.

This new tread pattern is a 3PMSF marked product suitable for winter usage and is available for the retreading of 315/70R22.5 and 315/80R22.5 tyres.

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