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MAJOR introduce FLEX-MAT ID Enabled

ID Enabled

FLEX-MAT screen data placed at customers’ fingertips with new RFID technology

MAJOR, a global leading manufacturer of high-performance screening media, have introduced FLEX-MAT ID Enabled – an RFID technology that tracks and stores screen media data such as panel dimensions and customer-defined details to offer users information at their fingertips for simple re-orders.

The technology is said to improve convenience and productivity for any operation using FLEX-MAT with ID Enabled installed, as it takes the guesswork out of re-ordering and prevents costly mistakes that can result from measuring incorrectly and ordering improperly sized screen media.

All FLEX-MAT screen media are now embedded with the ID Enabled microchip, with product information easily accessed through the company’s new MAJOR app without the need of an additional reading device.

‘Our customers’ efficiency is always top priority, which encourages us to continue to push limits and be at the forefront of innovation in the industry,’ said MAJOR’s president, Bernard Betts.

‘We are introducing ID Enabled technology as a way to help customers track screen media specifications and improve accuracy during re-ordering, ultimately resulting in a more consistent end product.’

Operations simply scan the FLEX-MAT panel with the MAJOR app to access product information, simplifying re-ordering and inventory management.

MAJOR can also program the chip during production with some customer-defined information to improve convenience. Unlike some systems, users just need their smartphone to view the data and do not need to use a separate RFID reader.

Prior to ID Enabled technology, operations required time-consuming gauge measuring – by hand – to order properly sized media, which left room for human error. Even the slightest mismeasurement could mean ordering the wrong size screen media, resulting in material not meeting proper specifications and leading to lost profits.

ID Enabled also allows operations to track orders with an electronic record instead of paperwork.

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