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Low-temperature solution for hot recycled asphalt

Raptor mobile hot-asphalt recycler

Berkshire Engineering introduce new mobile solution for hot recycled asphalt production

BERKSHIRE Engineering Supplies Ltd have developed a new mobile solution for producing a variety of hot-mix asphalts from reclaimed asphalts at temperatures as low as 100–120°C.

The new solution will provide an economical alternative for a range of hot-mix asphalt applications, including road reconstruction, road resurfacing, road reinstatements and road maintenance works.


Road planings, significant quantities of which are removed from the country’s roads every year, are recognized as a viable, economical and reusable source of bitumen and aggregate, and are regularly introduced into new asphalt mixtures through hot-mix asphalt plants.

Coldlay Products, a division of Berkshire Engineering Supplies Ltd, have developed a low-temperature additive for producing a variety of hot asphalt mixtures from road planings, through the Raptor mobile hot-asphalt recycler (pictured) designed and manufactured by Bagela GmbH of Germany.

Road planings are added to the Raptor hot recycler together with the specially developed additive, which is a formulation of tried and tested technologies that provide a number of the necessary and specific properties required for the production of low-temperature asphalts from reclaimed materials, including aged binder regenerators, workabilty agents and de-odourizers. Collectively, these provide an economical solution for a variety of hot-mix asphalt applications.

The additive allows for the production of asphalts at temperatures between 100°C and 120°C, reducing fuel costs by up to 40% and emissions by up to 90%. The dosages of the additive vary between 1–2% of the aggregate weight, according to the mixed-material requirements.

Berkshire Engineering say Coldlay’s new technology will provide a viable and economical solution for a number of hot-mix asphalt applications, including pothole repairs, road reinstatements, road resurfacing, road reconstruction, footpaths, car parks, driveways etc.

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