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Komatsu launch PC138E-11 electric excavator

The new 13-tonne class Komatsu PC138E-11 electric excavator
The new 13-tonne class Komatsu PC138E-11 electric excavator

Company announces launch of 13-tonne class model in Japan with European introduction set to follow 

KOMATSU Ltd have confirmed that they will be launching the brand-new PC138E-11 electric excavator equipped with a lithium-ion battery to the domestic market from January 2024. The 13-tonne class PC138E-11 will be available as a rental machine and Komatsu are planning to introduce the excavator model to the European market, too. 

The Japanese construction equipment giant is working to quickly develop this new market to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 by expanding its product line-up and meeting customers’ needs.


By equipping a high-capacity lithium-ion battery and integrating a cooling system for the battery/electric components for this new machine, Komatsu have achieved a long operation time while reducing the rear-end swing radius. In regions where electric construction equipment markets are expected to be formed in the future, Komatsu are working hard to serve a variety of customers, with different machine operating conditions and power supply sources.

Powered by a 225kWh lithium-ion battery for long hours of operation, the PC138E-11 electric excavator’s compact size makes it suitable for use on a wide range of construction sites. 

The machine also sets new standards in terms of operator and construction site safety, and meeting increasingly restrictive noise limits, particularly for those working in or close to urban areas. Thanks to its silent electric motor, the PC138E-11 does not generate engine noise and the operator can easily communicate with surrounding workers during the operation, enabling safe and accurate performance. A comfortable work environment is also achieved with reduced body vibration and less heat generated from the machine.

Drawing on a decade of experience and a deep understanding of intelligent machinery control solutions, Komatsu will offer their innovative Smart Construction 3D Machine Guidance kit on the new electric excavator model. The platform provides an accessible way to add 2D and 3D machine guidance and it can be customized with various options that allow the kit to easily accommodate each customer's machine configurations and operating conditions.


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