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JetBlack Safety target the Middle East

De-dusting booth

UK firm sees huge growth area for innovative automated personnel dust-removal systems

UK-based JetBlack Safety, specialists in safe personnel dust-removal systems, have launched their innovative range of automated, hands-free de-dusting and clean-down booths to one of the world’s fastest-growing markets for de-dusting safety equipment – the Middle East.

At the recent Intersec Middle East show at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition centre, JetBlack Safety showcased their range of de-dusting solutions, including their recently launched automated de-dusting booth, resulting in huge demand among resellers and distributors wishing to sell their de-dusting technology in the region.

Combatting the dangers of harmful dust exposure, the JetBlack Safety booth product range offers an easy-to-use, efficient alternative to compressed air – which has the potential to damage exposed skin – giving organizations and users a safer solution for personnel de-dusting and clean-down operations.

Commenting on the size of the market that the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) represents, Chris Hellier, managing director of JetBlack Safety, said: ‘With urbanization expected to exceed 70% in the region within five years, and Saudi Arabia alone requiring in the region of 150,000 new homes per year, exposure to health-damaging dust linked to the construction sector is going to be a huge issue.

‘Cement production from the MENA region has tripled over the past 15 years, and this is only likely to increase as the region focusses on new build. With countries such as Dubai planning to deliver 163,000+ new homes by 2021, we anticipate strong demand for de-dusting booths that protect the health and well-being of workers that are vital to the delivery of these new-build projects.’

Mr Hellier added: ‘Research shows that dust exposure poses a significant health risk to people working in industries where cement, aggregate, mining, minerals, composites, masonry and wood are involved, as dust can contain known carcinogens and silica.

‘Those exposed to dust via contaminated clothing are 10 times more likely to be affected by fatal or debilitating respiratory diseases than people wearing dust-free workwear. That’s why cleaning down and capturing dust particles is key, which is where JetBlack Safety delivers.’

JetBlack Safety’s walk-through booths use a series of nozzles blowing high volume, low-pressure air, that automatically dislodges and removes dust, powder or debris from clothing and PPE, with dust particles as small as 0.3 microns being safely extracted and captured as soon as the doors are opened.


Meeting or exceeding Occupational Safety and Health Administration requirements, the average clean down is complete within 20–30 seconds. Particles are collected for safe removal and disposal, ensuring that co-workers are not exposed to the transfer of dangerous dust.

Commenting on the interest in JetBlack Safety in the Middle East, Mr Hellier, said: ‘Intersec has proved that there is major demand for de-dusting solutions, and particularly for our walk-through booths that not only remove dust from employees’ clothes, but capture it, preventing release into the wider environment. We now have several resellers that are looking to work with us throughout Dubai and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia area, with further interest for the wider MENA zone.’

The JetBlack Safety automated walk-through booth, launched in October 2019, has won major orders in the UK, EU and US. Clients include Tarmac and Hanson, among many others.

Demand in the UK is being driven, in part, by the Health and Safety Executive’s roll-out of UK-wide dust-related inspections, which came in to force from June 2019. A wide range of industries are now subject to checks and are at risk of enforcement action if poor standards of dust-control are found. A recent HSE report found that 12,000 lung disease deaths each year are thought to be linked to past exposures to dust at work.


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