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IRF accolade for Shell Bitufresh

Shell Bitumen

Shell win international achievement award for specially formulated odour-reducing bitumen additive

SHELL Bitumen have been named as the winner of the 2015 Global Road Achievement Awards (GRAA) by the International Road Federation (IRF) in the research category for their bitumen odour-neutralising product, Shell Bitufresh. The selection was made by an independent, international panel of judges with expertise across major road and highway disciplines.

‘It is a great honour for all of us at Shell Bitumen to be recognized by a world-renowned industry body like the IRF,’ said John Read, Shell’s general manager for bitumen technology. ‘Shell Bitufresh is just one of more than 40 patented technologies we have developed throughout our 90-plus years in the bitumen business.’

Shell Bitufresh is a bitumen additive that has been specially formulated to reduce the odour of bitumen, helping to improve working conditions for road gangs and reduce odour nuisance for neighbouring local residents. Unlike other products that simply mask the odour of bitumen, Shell Bitufresh is said to work by reacting with the source of the smell to neutralize the odour.

According to Shell Bitumen, the product has been specially formulated to: reduce bitumen odour for a period of at least two weeks; have no impact on bitumen performance; and work across all bitumen grades, including polymer-modified bitumen and oxidized grades. Shell Bitufresh is currently available in 17 markets around the world.

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Submitted by Roger (not verified) on

Is it just me or is the smell of bitumen actually quite nice? They should be boosting the odour!

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