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InterBolt success prompts name change

The innovative InterBolt integrated bolt load monitoring system
The innovative InterBolt integrated bolt load monitoring system

Success of integrated bolt load monitoring system prompts Sedwell to change name to InterBolt

THE market success of the InterBolt integrated bolt load monitoring system has prompted the UK-based technology business behind the innovative product to change its trading name. Going forward Sedwell Ltd will simply be known as InterBolt.

Since its launch in 2021, the InterBolt intelligent bolting system has attracted a great deal of attention. It is now used in a wide range of critical bolted joint applications.


The technology provides real-time bolt load measurements to technicians during installation and long-term monitoring. Proof of bolt loads is guaranteed via a highly accurate miniature bolt load sensor embedded directly into the bolt or threaded stud itself. The product features a long-life battery and long-range wireless communications. 

InterBolt managing director Dr Jack Bryan Hughleigh said: ‘We founded our business on this new bolt load monitoring technology and software system. We are InterBolt. From a customer and marketing perspective it makes sense to be known by the same name. Rebranding our company will provide greater clarity and focus.’

InterBolt were founded with the single aim of developing disruptive technologies to revolutionze the monitoring of the world’s most critical assets. Continuous bolt load measurements can be used to predict bolt failures and schedule preventative maintenance. The company’s core business spans the oil and gas, power generation, wind, mining, civil and industrial markets.


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