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Inspiring Futures: Engaging the next generation

First cohort of Industry Ambassadors

First cohort of Industry Ambassadors set out to attract the next generation of talent to the minerals sector

INSPIRING Futures is a new initiative, facilitated by the MP Futures division of the Mineral Products Qualifications Council (MPQC), which aims to attract the next generation of talented young people to the minerals and mining sector.

Working alongside STEM Learning, a national organization that is dedicated to raising young people’s engagement in STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) subjects and careers, the initiative largely revolves around co-ordinating and training a pool of Industry Ambassadors, made up from employees already working within the sector.

These Ambassadors will then actively promote the sector and engage with young people by visiting schools and careers fairs, co-ordinating site visits etc.

The initiative, which is funded by MPQC and free to all members, launched in September 2017 and last month welcomed the first cohort of industry employees to MPQC’s head office in Nottingham for an initial training session.

Travelling from as far afield as Kilmarnock and Maidenhead, 14 candidates from the industry took part in a packed day, learning the skills and information they will need to inspire the next generation towards the minerals and mining sector.

Guided by STEM Learning’s Charlotte Land and MP Futures’ Anthony Elgey and Neil Peacock, during the day the Ambassadors were challenged to utilize and develop skills in communication, observation, analysis, research, reasoning, debate, lateral thinking, confidence and team working, plus many other abilities critical to both the sector and its future workforce.

With the first cohort of Industry Ambassadors now setting out on the path to engage young people and help secure the future of the sector, the next cohort is due to be inducted on 11 December, with further sessions planned for next year.

For more information about becoming an Industry Ambassador visit:

Inspiring Futures is supported by: the Mineral Products Association; British Aggregates Association; Institute of Quarrying; Institute of Concrete Technology; and Institute of Asphalt Technology.

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