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Hydronix launch newly updated sensors

Hydronix sensor

Latest digital moisture sensors now offer increased microprocessor speeds and memory

HYDRONIX have updated their range of digital moisture sensors to take advantage of increased microprocessor speeds and memory. In addition, a new version of the company’s Hydro-Com sensor calibration and configuration software is being released.

The latest version of the successful Hydro-Probe sensor, designed for measuring moisture in bins and on conveyors, now features an additional analogue output. This allows the simultaneous output of moisture and temperature. The Hydro-Probe’s filtering and averaging functions have also been enhanced to offer greater flexibility when optimizing the sensor’s performance in continuous type applications, such as conveyor belts.


The Hydro-Mix sensor – designed for measuring moisture in concrete mixers, screw conveyors and in chutes – is now capable of concurrently running all three Hydronix digital measurement modes. When using a suitable batch plant and control system, the standard measurement mode already achieves +/- 0.1% moisture.

Running all three modes concurrently simplifies the process of selecting the most appropriate mode to use for a given mix design. Automation suppliers should consider the option of including the best possible mode as a parameter in their recipe database to offer greater precision.

The latest Hydronix sensors can now store all of the individual sample points relating to a calibration directly inside the unit. This makes it possible to connect any PC to the sensor and to check the validity of the calibration using the Hydro-Com software without having to access the original computer used to load the points into the sensor.

Furthermore, the compatibility mode on the sensors has been removed due to field obsolescence but all other aspects, including the connections and proven robust sensor body, remain fully backwards compatible.


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