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Holcim launch ECOCycle to scale up circular construction

Holcim CEO Jan Jenisch
Holcim CEO Jan Jenisch

Latest circular technology platform recycles waste materials into new building solutions

HOLCIM have launched ECOCycle, their own proprietary circular technology platform to recycle construction and demolition (C&D) waste materials into new building solutions. With ECOCycle, Holcim say they can recycle 100% of C&D waste across a broad range of applications, from decarbonized raw materials in low-carbon cement formulation, all the way to aggregates in concrete and fillers in road construction.

Holcim chief executive officer Jan Jenisch commented: ‘Across all metropolitan areas where we operate, we are at the forefront of driving circular construction to build new from the old. With our ECOCycle technology we can build cities from cities, recycling 100% of construction demolition materials into new solutions, so everything gets reused, and nothing gets lost. With our world’s growing population and urbanization, circular construction is essential to build a future that works for people and the planet.’


Holcim are deploying their ECOCycle technology across a range of material solutions to scale up circular construction and reducing their use of natural resources. The company says its technology allows concrete, cement, and aggregates to contain between 10% and 100% of ECOCycle recycled C&D materials with no compromise in performance whilst reducing their environmental footprint.

Holcim’s ECOCycle technology platform is enabled by efficiently distributing, processing, grinding, and recycling materials into new building solutions. As a pioneer in circular construction, Holcim are said to have launched the world’s first cement with 20% recycled construction demolition materials in Switzerland.

Building on their sustainability expertise, Holcim are now rolling out this solution across Europe with cement containing ECOCycle C&D materials. In France, for example, Holcim are building the world’s first affordable housing complex using 100% ECOCycle recycled concrete. In the UK, Holcim are constructing a residential area with 50% ECOCycle aggregates made from 100% recycled C&D waste materials.


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