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Hanson Aggregates to take UK’s first Cat 986K wheel loader

Cat 986K wheel loader

Latest model offers high levels of performance, efficiency and operator comfort   

HANSON UK have invested in a new Caterpillar 986K wheel loader – the first machine of its size and class in Great Britain – in a deal with Finning UK & Ireland. 

Chosen for its compact size and advanced technological features, the loading shovel is the penultimate addition in a series of new Cat products added to Hanson’s fleet, as part of a 31-machine deal struck in 2018. 


The new Cat 986K unit will be put to work at the company’s Hingston Down Quarry, in Cornwall. Sizing was an important determining factor in Hanson’s selection of the machine and the Cat 986K proved to be the ideal size – larger than the Cat 982M but more compact than the new Cat 988K. 

Caterpillar’s recent reintroduction of the 988K range saw machines bigger than their predecessors, and so the Cat 986K was launched as a size replacement for the original Cat 988G.

According to Finning, the Cat 986K loading shovel combines reliable, efficient loading with machine longevity whilst providing lower cost of ownership. Performance has been optimised, thanks to the power shift transmission, torque converter with lock-up clutch and axle shaft disc brakes.

The wheel loader features VisionLink which tracks the health, location and productivity of the machine; helping to increase productivity, control costs, improve operator performance and ensure safety on site. Also integrated in the 986K is the Cat Production Measurement (CPM), an advanced ‘on-the-go’ payload weight measuring system that helps operators achieve precise loading targets, further optimizing efficiency and jobsite productivity.   

For enhanced driver comfort and safety, the wheel loader boasts a redesigned state-of-the-art operator cab featuring STIC steering, touch-screen display, improved access/egress and better cab visibility. 

The machine will be fully maintained through a customer service agreement (CSA) with Finning. Under the agreement, Finning will also provide technical support through the Finsight condition-monitoring team, supplying Hanson with data on machine health that links to CSA. 

These data will provide accurate information to organize preventative-maintenance operations as well as information on uptime and machine productivity.

Dave Jenkins, unit manager for Hanson UK, commented: ‘We were in the process of renewing aspects of our fleet at Hingston Down Quarry last year. We sought advice from Finning and Caterpillar on which machines to invest in for better site management and optimization, and they recommended the new Cat 986K.

‘The quarry team is looking forward to the arrival of the first Cat 986K in the UK, with the loader bringing all of Caterpillar’s latest improvements with ongoing upgrades and advanced technologies. This machine is matched perfectly with our face fleet, which includes a 772G and continues the long-standing partnership that this quarry has had with Finning.’

Phil Battle, head of quarrying and aggregates at Finning UK & Ireland, added: “The Cat 986K wheel loader is the right size, perfectly matched with Cat off-highway trucks to maximize the volume of material moved whilst offering the lowest cost-per-tonne.

‘Hanson will see improved mobility, versatility, and technology built into the 986K that burns less fuel, operates more efficiently and achieves a low total cost of ownership.’


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