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Green Planet invest in Kiverco recycling equipment

Kiverco waste recovery plant

Company expands waste-processing operation with new bespoke plant 

NORWICH-based Green Planet have taken delivery of a new Kiverco waste-recovery plant as part of their commitment and plans to carry out more recycling activities. Both companies were engaged in an extensive consultation process to ensure that not only were the operational and environmental objectives met, but also that the plant met the requirements of the community, such as neighbours and the local authority.  

Through various consultations, Kiverco were able to advise on solutions to minimize noise and dust emissions, such as fitting the conveyors with covers and installing a feeder and an 830 trommel in the client’s main building. 

A seven-bay picking station has also been incorporated and painted in a special colour to blend in more effectively with its surroundings. Extensive walkways also enable safe and rapid access to all key points on the plant.

From the feeder and trommel, waste material is split into 0–40mm and oversize fractions. The smaller fraction passes under a magnet, to remove any ferrous metal and then into a Spaleck Flip-Flow screen and a DS150 density separator. Working together, these two machines are processing the waste stream to produce a clean –10mm material; a 10mm–40mm heavy fraction that can be used in the production of recycled aggregates, thereby diverting waste from landfill.  

The oversize fraction passes into a bespoke picking cabin, where operatives manually segregate suitable materials for recycling. The remaining fraction then passes out of the picking cabin and under another ferrous metal magnet and through a blower, to remove any residual light material. The result of this process is the creation of a clean heavy material which can be further reprocessed, if required, into a recycled construction material. 

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