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Garic launch three new hand-washing stations

Hot Wash Station

New hot and cold hand-washing stations to help ensure safety of employees working on site

GARIC, one of the UK’s largest suppliers of welfare unit hire, have introduced a new range of hand-washing stations to help companies comply with government guidelines to ensure the safety of their employees. Three different options are available, from a standalone station to cold- and hot-wash stations suitable for two people to use simultaneously. When required, the two-person stations can also be used for cleaning boots, as both are equipped with two hose brushes.

Due to its lightweight design, the Standalone Wash Station is recommended for indoor use. The self-contained unit, which holds enough water for ninety 20-second hand washes using a foot-operated tap, features fully self-contained clean water and waste water tanks and a soap dispenser.


The Double Wash Station is designed to provide additional on-site cold-water hand-washing facilities and is suitable for two people to use at any one time, whilst allowing for social distancing. Like all Garic products, its robust steel design makes it suitable for even the harshest working environments. It comes with an anti-slip steel foot platform and two stainless steel sinks, soap and towel dispensers as standard.

Similar to the Double Wash Station, Garic’s Hot Wash Station is suitable for use by two people at a time, whilst being 2m compliant, but is designed to provide additional hot and cold hand-washing facilities on site. Both this unit and the Double Wash Station can be supplied with supplementary equipment to allow them to be used independently of mains water and waste.


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