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Eriez to show new separators at IFAT 2014

Three innovative products for the recycling industry will be the centre of attention on the Eriez stand at IFAT 2014 in Munich this spring.

The brand new RevX-E eddy current separator will be introduced to continental Europe for the first time. Eriez say that this revolutionary new machine achieves much greater separation of valuable non-ferrous metals than existing market-leading products and can be applied to a wide variety of mixed waste streams.

In doing so it provides materials recycling facility (MRF) operators with: a higher recovery of valuable materials; less waste to send to expensive landfill sites; a higher grade metal end product.


Such is the versatility and efficiency of the RevX-E that new applications are constantly being found for it but it is already proving highly beneficial when used in automobile shredding and the recycling of glass cullet, plastics, electronic scrap, co-mingled recyclables, wood and incineration ash.

Eriez have produced two different versions of the RevX-E; the ST2 for materials typically between 25mm and 150mm in diameter and the ST22 for fines smaller than 25mm. Both will be on show at IFAT.

The FinesSort with the ECS ST2 will also be on show. This allows the sorting of fine material into non-ferrous and valuable ferrous elements, increasing their recovery from fines materials. An Eriez OBM vibratory feeder will be feeding materials into the FinesSort. This feeder provides even distribution of material in the tray and belt for improved magnetic separation.

The RevX-E will be sharing the limelight at IFAT with Eriez’s new ballistic separator, the Shred1.

Shred1 uses a high-speed conveyer belt and magnet to create two streams of ferrous material; a high-grade low-copper ferrous product and a typical mixed metal shred. It is the speed of the conveyer belt that allows the first stream to be such a high grade. Without this feature the ferrous stream would still need to be hand-picked for meatballs and other copper-bearing particles.

Shred1 separators can also be used as part of Eriez’s CleanStream system with the PokerSort extractor and P-Rex permanent drum magnet to maximize recovery and improve the grade of ferrous product even further.

As this equipment is too loud and too large to demonstrate at a trade show and comes with all the normal MRF health and safety requirements, the Eriez team will be showing videos of the separator in action.

Also on display will be the TP20/80 self-cleaning over-band magnet. Eriez twin-pole over-band magnets are routinely used to remove ferrous items from conveyed material. The twin-pole system is suitable for wood chip application as items, such as screws, are trapped flat on the surface of the magnet, preventing damage to the belt and improving the reject rate.

Another standard piece of equipment, the Prograde magnetic drum, will also be on the stand.  This ferrite drum - a part of Eriez Prograde range - allows the removal of large ferrous material from conveyor belt.

Visitors can also see the EZTEC 9100 metal separation station that separates ferrous and non-ferrous particle flakes. It is very successfully used to produce high-grade PET flakes when run with an Eriez vibratory feeder and a magnetic grate that removes the fine ferrous content before it reaches the metal separator. The EZTEC 9100 then directs metal contaminants, such as aluminium flake, into one bin and the clean, metal-free flakes into another.

Finally, the MA3500 metal detector will also be on display. Part of Eriez’s Metalarm range, it is used for machinery protection and quality control at a wide variety of processing plants. The MA3500 is fitted with a bridge coil over the conveyed product to protect machinery further down the line from ferrous and non-ferrous debris and ensure greater product purity.

The Eriez Europe and Eriez Germany teams will be on Stand 232 in Hall C1 and some of senior staff from the US parent company will also be in attendance.

If you wish to make an appointment with any of the teams, please contact Sophie Comelli on +44 (0)29 2086 8501 or email her on:


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