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Eriez introduce new models in suspended electromagnet line

Eriez have launched a new series of cutting-edge suspended electromagnets Eriez have launched a new series of cutting-edge suspended electromagnets

New SEV series additions to Eriez SE7000 line pack more strength into smaller footprint 

ERIEZ have announced the launch of their new SEV series of suspended electromagnets, representing a significant advancement in design. The new units feature stronger magnets housed in smaller enclosures, reducing overall weight and installation costs while optimizing performance efficiency.

Integrated into the Eriez SE7000 line, the new SEV models leverage cutting-edge wire and conductor technology to energize the magnet circuit, also requiring less coolant for operation.


The new wire configuration, boasting an ultra-thin anodized insulation layer, provides superior thermal conductivity, ensuring high heat dissipation within the circuit for improved magnet performance.

Despite their compact size, Eriez say these magnets deliver performance that surpasses larger counterparts, guaranteeing consistent and reliable operation.

Emphasizing the practical benefits of the SEV series’ innovative design, Eriez global magnetics product manager Dave Heubel said: ‘As part of our commitment to continuous improvement, we’ve succeeded in packing more magnet strength into a smaller footprint, thereby lowering costs and boosting productivity for customers through streamlined installations and more stable, dependable performance.’

Eriez also offer self-cleaning versions of all SEV models. Additionally, a variety of options are available, including dust hoods, coils derated for elevation, high fire point coolants, armour-clad belts, and numerous other customizable features for unique applications.


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