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EPC Groupe put innovation centre stage

EPC at European Federation of Explosives Engineers conference

EPC Groupe play central role at 2019 European Federation of Explosives Engineers World Conference

THE European Federation of Explosives Engineers (EFEE) 10th World Conference on Explosives and Blasting enjoyed a record-breaking attendance this year when it took place at the Scandic Marina Congress Centre in Helsinki from 15–18 September.

As a gold sponsor and exhibitor, EPC Groupe – one of the leading forces in the field of commercial explosives and drilling and blasting services – were central to the event. One of 50 exhibitors, they showcased their latest developments in blasting techniques, products and processes to the 470 delegates present.

Dr Geoff Adderley, senior explosives engineer, explained the importance of the EFEE Conference to EPC Groupe: ‘The EFEE Conference attracts attendees from around the world, many of whom are leaders in their particular fields. This makes it the perfect place to meet our peers, discover new developments and discuss the wider issues facing our industry.’

In addition to the exhibition, the conference hosted 38 technical sessions on a variety of different topics, from Health, Safety and Environment, Blasting Work Experiences, and Technical Developments; to Blast Vibration and Seismology, Blast Design Management, New Applications and Training, and EU Directives and Harmonization Work.

‘The technical sessions provided an opportunity for us to hear about the most up-to-date research and approaches on areas including environmental control and pre-splitting,’ continued Dr Adderley.

‘It was particularly interesting to hear the talk on research into the measurement of velocity of detonation through electromagnetic pulse detection, due to its potential for allowing easier multi-hole measurement of this parameter, as well as its additional safety benefits.

‘The conference was a huge success for EPC Groupe. Our stand attracted many visitors and initiated several interesting discussions. The techniques and technology currently being deployed in the explosives and blasting industry are groundbreaking and the EFEE Conference illustrated that this innovation is set to continue, indicating that the future of our sector is extremely bright,’ Dr Adderley concluded.

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