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FRAGTrack Gantry
27 October 2022 | Plant & Equipment

Company expands fragmentation monitoring to real-time oversize detection on all haul trucks

BMX Fragmenter
15 July 2022 | Plant & Equipment

Platform offers fast, accurate, and fully automated 3D analysis of entire muckpile from drone imagery

Hillhead blast
27 April 2022 | Quarrying

EPC-UK blast brings down 30,000 tonnes of stone for equipment demonstration purposes

MP Skills
11 April 2022 | Education & Training

Essential Shotfiring Knowledge added to MP Skills’ portfolio of industry training courses

EPC-UK drone
30 March 2022 | Plant & Equipment

Showcasing the latest optimized digital solutions and introducing EPC Metrics as a stand-alone company

26 March 2022 | Plant & Equipment

Blasting specialist says South African quarries are moving with technology as better times beckon

FRAGTrack Crusher
24 March 2022 | Plant & Equipment

Company expands fragmentation monitoring solution with automated pre-crusher measurement tool

BlastMetriX UAV
28 January 2022 | Plant & Equipment

New software version and analysis tools optimize blast performance and improve safety

15 September 2021 | Quarrying

New 4D bulk explosives technology system set to optimize productivity and reduce blasting costs

Orica flying a drone
15 July 2021 | Quarrying

Training from Consortiq sees explosives and blasting specialist add drone capability to UK product portfolio

Orica AVM
15 April 2021 | Quarrying

Latest software release predicts vibration and airblast to protect sensitive structures and maximize blast outcomes

Blast Alliance
31 March 2021 | Plant & Equipment

BME move blasting technology towards a more sustainable future with launch of new brand

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Joe Keenan
27 January 2021 | Plant & Equipment

South African blasting specialist establishes facilities in Colorado and Utah to serve the US market

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Brassington Moor Quarry
26 November 2020 | Quarrying

Longcliffe Quarries make local business relationships a priority, as is the case with blast specialists EPC-UK

06 November 2020 | Quarrying

EPC-UK deliver results throughout COVID-19 with safety and communication-led best practice