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DustBoss tower units extend reach

DustBoss tower

Dust Control Technology introduce a new family of tower mounts for improved dust suppression

DUST Control Technology have introduced of a new family of tower mounts for the company’s atomized misting equipment. Designed to extend droplet hang time and range while providing more precise aiming capability, the tower mounts can deliver a focused mist to the areas where dust is created.

Three tower sizes are currently available. A 6in base tube is generally employed on tower heights under 15ft, while for greater elevation, 8in diameter towers are used. A heavy-duty 10in diameter flange-mounted tower, secured directly into concrete, is available for heights up to 20ft. Climbing rungs, work platforms, booster pumps and additive metering systems are all available as options.

Once installed, users have two options for raising and lowering the tower – a manual jack or an optional electric jack. Automated units can be operated from a single radio-powered, hand-held remote control. 

Driven by proprietary software, fully automated ‘intelligent’ systems can be programmed to manage start/stop cycles based on dust-monitor readings, motion sensors or weather input, allowing users of DustBoss equipment to automatically adjust elevation, oscillation range and other features on any number of machines to improve suppression efficiency and free up manpower for other tasks.

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