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Superior launch brand-new modular skirting system

Skirting system

New system controls dust emissions and prevents spillages in conveyor load and transfer zones

SUPERIOR Industries, the US-based manufacturers and global suppliers of bulk material processing and handling systems, have introduced a brand-new, easy-to-install, modular skirting system to control dust and prevent spillages within conveyor load and transfer zones.

‘Our crews visit and collect data from thousands of conveyor systems each year and we figure about half of them would benefit from material containment components,’ said Paul D. Schmidgall, chief engineer in Superior’s conveyor components division.

‘That’s one out of every two conveyors spilling valuable material, spewing harmful dust, and creating unsafe work environments.’

The new skirting system can be retrofitted to any brand of existing structure with little or no field fabrication. Two sets of adjustable legs aid in this universal installation.

Additionally, easy-to-adjust clamping mechanisms are used in place of nuts and bolts to hold skirtboard rubber tight against the belt. An optional stilling zone is available to accelerate the settling of dust while material is moving inside the system.

Superior’s modular skirting system is sold in 5ft (1.5m) sections for conveyor belt widths up to 72in (1,728mm).

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