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Dust Control Technology launch new DustBoss DB-60 Fusion

DustBoss DB-60 Fusion

Latest unit combines a trailer-mounted dust suppressor with a 45kW generator set

DUST Control Technology (DCT) have developed a versatile and transportable atomized mist unit, combining an electric dust-suppression design with a 45kW generator set.

The DustBoss DB-60 Fusion is a powerful dust-suppression system with an efficient diesel generator that can be hauled to job sites that lack a convenient power source. According to DCT, this innovation brings greater versatility to one of the most popular and effective dust-suppression designs on the market, delivering up to 62,800 square feet of coverage.

‘Controlling air quality is essential for communities surrounding a construction or demolition project, but even in places with little infrastructure, dust can choke worksites and foul equipment,’ said DCT president Laura Stiverson. ‘We engineered the Fusion to be highly mobile, with its own power source, able to be easily towed anywhere on a job site.’

Powered by a 25hp fan that produces 30,000 cubic feet/min of airflow, the DB-60 Fusion delivers water through a circular stainless steel manifold with 30 atomizing spray nozzles that launch millions of tiny droplets.

Atomized mist droplets of 50 to 200 microns in size are thrown out in a 200ft (60m) cone at an adjustable 0–50° elevation angle, capturing airborne dust particles and dragging them to the ground.  Unlike industrial sprinklers used for the same purpose, which require 500 gal/min or more of water, the DB-60 uses around 23 gal/min to help avoid pooling or runoff.

The unit works in conjunction with a 45kW generator featuring a John Deere Tier III Flex engine and 100-gallon fuel tank, providing up to 24h of run time. The diesel engine delivers 480V (60Hz) with a full load current of 46 amps. It also has a 120V outlet to provide jobsite power for any accessories or tools.

‘We’ve seen competing designs on the market that have a diesel engine powering the dust suppressor, using a drive belt system similar to a vehicle,’ commented Laura Stiverson. ‘In comparison, the direct-drive electric motor used in the Fusion significantly reduces maintenance requirements, delivering superior reliability and long service life.’

The DB-60 unit and gen set are mounted together on a heavy-duty trailer with a steel frame and roadworthy tyres for towing at highway speeds. A touch-screen display for managing the dust suppression unit is encased in a NEMA 3R cabinet allowing operators to control oscillation, booster pump, fan and water.

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