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Driver walk-around checks made simple

Freight Transport Association app

Freight Transport Association launches new Internet-based app for use with portable electronic devices

THE Freight Transport Association has launched a new Internet-based app which allows drivers to carry out their vehicle walk-around checks with the aid of an electronic device.

Compatible with iPod, iPhone, iPad and a selected range of Android devices, it is easy to use and cuts down on any errors or inefficiencies associated with paper inspections. It also complies with VOSA’s safety and maintenance guide, and is available in formats for vehicles including trucks and vans.


Implementing and using the FTA Drivers’ Walk Around Check app, which is powered by Truckfile, is as simple as ‘scan, inspect, transmit and track’.

Quick-reference QR codes are placed on the vehicle at key inspection points. These weather-resistant label tags contain information about the driver, vehicle, inspection point and the components to be checked.

If defects or advisories are found, they can be selected from a pre-defined list within the system, making it simple for a driver to report a problem.

Defects are alerted in real time and the driver confirms that the vehicle is safe to drive, or not, when completing the full check. This innovative product ensures that the driver physically walks around the vehicle to complete the check (it also times the check), which managers and supervisors will welcome to aid compliance with legislation.

The system keeps a full history of the checks, with up to 15 checks also kept on the hand-held device’s history screen. The information is transmitted to a secure database and can be accessed 24h a day, seven days a week by an authorized user from any web browser.

The cost of the system is £22 plus VAT per vehicle for the first year (which includes a set of stickers) and £12 per vehicle for subsequent years. For those who still prefer to do their checks in the traditional way, Shopfta stocks report pads, walk-around-check DVDs, posters and pocket cards. For further information call: 08717 111111.


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