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Dowideit Recycling GmbH opt for Liebherr loading shovel

Liebherr L 586 XPower wheel loader

German waste-management firm invests in new L 586 wheel loader with adaptive lighting

DOWIDEIT Recycling have recently acquired a new Liebherr L 586 XPower wheel loader which has been put to work at the company’s Wustermark facility, in Germany, where it is said to be impressing thanks to its fuel efficiency, high performance, durability and operator comfort.

Dowideit are using the 34-tonne L 586 XPower, which has a tipping load of 23,500kg, to help in the recycling of building rubble, soil preparation and composting. The machine is in operation for around 10h a day, consuming an average of 14.8 litres of fuel per hour.

Safety is of paramount importance at the Dowideit recycling centre, but poor lighting conditions in the operating area can pose a difficult challenge for the loader operators. To counter this problem, the L 586 XPower loading shovel is equipped with optional adaptive lighting – an intelligent lighting-control system that supports operators in poor light conditions and provides higher levels of safety on work sites.

The adaptive lights feature an additional LED headlight that optimizes lighting conditions (in the front section) when the machinery attachment is raised. The result is a well-illuminated operating area with reduced glare, reflections and shadows.

The adaptive lighting also features four dimmable working headlights on the upper edge of the cab (LED or halogen) and two standard driving headlights (LED or halogen), further ensuring a high degree of safety.

Thomas Dowideit, managing director of Dowideit Recycling, commented: ‘Thanks to the adaptive working lighting, the wheel loader operating area is completely illuminated. There is now a better overview of shaded areas and other areas which are difficult to see during loading. This increases safety at our site and makes daily work easier for my machine operators.’

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