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Derbyshire County Council choose Finning for green solutions

Komptech Crambo 5200 shredder

Cat and Komptech machines to process 40,000 tonnes of green waste a year for County Council and SITA UK joint venture

A NEW recycling facility jointly commissioned by SITA and Derbyshire County Council aims to process around 40,000 tonnes of green waste in its first year, saving the council £3.2 million. With new EU legislation demanding £80 to be paid for every tonne of waste sent to landfill sites, landfill cost has become a significant issue for large organizations.

Finning are currently playing a key role in the SITA and Derbyshire County Council waste operation, providing a number of Caterpillar and Komptech machines at the Arkwright site.


A team made up of both Finning Komptech and Finning Caterpillar employees worked on the account together and they decided to source a Komptech Crambo 5200 shredder, Komptech Cribus 3800 drum screen and three Cat 938K waste handlers; with the waste on site previously sent to landfill now turned into a valuable compost product.

Commenting on the project, Dean Turner, account manager for Finning Caterpillar, said: ‘With the Arkwright site being a new build facility, it was a clean sheet of paper, a new development and new design. There was a clear opportunity for Finning to spec from day one of the consultancy process. Working in partnership with Julian Lamb (strategic account manager for Finning Komptech), we were able to identify the equipment needs from both a Caterpillar and Komptech perspective.

‘A good example of this is the combination of machines selected to work at the front end of the composting process (where the green waste is shredded). The Cat 938K waste handlers were the ideal complement for Komptech’s Crambo 5200, with the 938K high tip bucket enabling all waste materials to be processed through the Crambo shredding chamber. The ability for Julian and I to work together on the same contract has been key to ensuring the full compatibility of machines within processes such as this.’

The support facilitating Arkwright’s workload from both a sustainable and operational viewpoint has been instrumental in Finning’s solution. With the plant being an enclosed facility, minimal machine pollutants are essential to maintaining a safe working environment for the SITA employees. Julian Lamb explained how this challenge was met:

‘With Caterpillar engines present in both the Cat and Komptech machines, all mobile equipment on site has a 35% pollutant reduction on previous models and meets the EU stage IIIB emissions standards,’ he explained.

‘For example, the Komptech Crambo 5200 shreds 80-90 tonnes of waste per hour, while burning 35% less fuel than diesel driven models in compliance with the Komptech ‘green efficiency’ model. This allowed SITA to have confidence that the plant’s carbon footprint is kept to a minimum, whilst maintaining high productivity and keeping their workforce safe.’

The UK-wide network of Finning support branches also proved invaluable within the package. Mr Lamb continued: ‘With a team of fully trained Finning Caterpillar engineers based in Chesterfield, we have quick access to the site, enabling us to monitor, service and offer emergency support for the entire fleet of machines at Arkwright.

‘With the seasonal nature of the green waste industry, this monitoring support is especially important in the summer months when uptime operations are at their peak. Being an enclosed facility, incoming waste storage is at a premium. If there is an issue with a machine, we know that we have the resource to identify and resolve the problem as quickly as possible, keeping operational downtime to a minimum.’

Mr Lamb concluded: ‘This is a long-term investment, with the initial agreement between SITA and Derbyshire County Council being 20 years. Providing the joint solution of Caterpillar and Komptech machines within the same contract, Finning aim to be at the heart of this operation for many years to come.’


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