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Creating Well-being

Dr Carolyn Yeoman

Dr Carolyn Yeoman of OCAID Wellbeing to present this month’s ‘Lunch and Learn’ webinar from IQ Academy

THE importance of well-being at work and its relationship to safety, leadership and engagement will be the focus of this month’s ‘Lunch and Learn’ webinar from IQ Academy.

Dr Carolyn Yeoman, operations director of OCAID Wellbeing, will present the 30-minute ‘Creating Well-being’ webinar from 12.30–13.00 on Thursday 27 September 2018.

Dr Yeoman has significant experience in the health, safety and well-being field and has successfully run her own business for more than 20 years: ‘Well-being is an overused term which means all things to all people and it tends to be ill-defined and misunderstood.

‘It’s often the ‘soft and fluffy’ side of well-being that is the focus of interventions, and whilst such interventions are beneficial to individuals, they’re unlikely to result in long-term sustainable organizational effects.

‘Organizations need to address well-being in the same way they address safety, by identifying and eliminating its primary risks. We also need to start thinking about well-being in a different way and recognize the crucial role it has as a business improvement tool.’

‘Creating Well-being’ is the ninth in the series of issues-related online presentations by IQ Academy. The webinars count towards valuable continuing professional development (CPD) and have been very popular, with hundreds of attendees from across the mineral and extractives industry to date. The next webinars to take place are: 

For more information and to sign up, visit:

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