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Commercial vehicle decarbonization collaboration

Cursor 13 natural gas engine

FPT Industrial, IVECO and Snam: Agreement for the decarbonization of transport using biomobility and hydrogen

FPT Industrial and IVECO, the two CNH Industrial brands that design and manufacture powertrains and commercial vehicles respectively, together with Snam, one of the world’s leading energy infrastructure operators, have signed a memorandum of understanding for technological and commercial co-operation in order to contribute to the decarbonization of the transport sector by developing biomobility (biomethane and natural gas) and hydrogen.

The understanding calls for a collaboration between the three partners – active along the entire supply chain – to promote the central role of mobility with natural gas (bioCNG and bioLNG) and hydrogen, including innovative business models aimed at offering end-to-end solutions for light- and heavy-duty commercial vehicles. The aim is to develop integrated sustainable mobility to promote further use of alternative-drive vehicles, with a shared strategy of collaborative development of the vehicles and distribution network.


Pierpaolo Biffali, vice-president of product engineering at FPT Industrial, said: ‘We have always been pioneers in the field of alternative engines and have 20 years’ experience developing natural gas technology. Having sold more than 50,000 methane and biomethane engines, we are a market leader and boast the most powerful 100% natural gas engine for industrial vehicles – the 460hp Cursor 13 (pictured). Already, our biomethane-powered engines can reduce CO2 emissions to close to zero, supporting the challenge against climate change.

‘We believe that hydrogen is key in the medium and long term, particularly for the long-distance transport sector. Testament to our commitment to hydrogen-powered technology, FPT Industrial and IVECO are, as part of H2Haul (a European project to introduce and utilize hydrogen trucks for on-road transport), continuing to provide zero-emission solutions for heavy-duty applications. This research will provide significant results, paving the way for the development of this type of technology in the not too distant future.’

Marco Liccardo, vice-president of the medium and heavy trucks global product line at IVECO, commented: ‘IVECO have always been at the forefront of decarbonization in the heavy-duty transport industry, heading towards zero emissions. This is a transformation that has already begun and in which hydrogen plays the leading role.

‘Today, we look to the future with the knowledge that natural gas and biomethane are a fundamental enabling factor and a bridge towards hydrogen, which will provide the solution for long-haul transport in view of the strict 2025 European emission reduction targets, consistent with our joint effort with Nikola to launch our fuel-cell heavy-duty truck by 2023.’

Alessio Torelli, chief executive officer of Snam4Mobility, added: ‘With this agreement, we aim to strengthen the role of natural gas as an immediate solution for reducing emissions, leveraging Italian leadership in this sector, and to develop biomethane and subsequently hydrogen, as key solutions for sustainable mobility in the future, particularly in the case of heavy-duty vehicles.

‘Through our commercial partnerships, such as the one we are undertaking with FPT Industrial and IVECO, we want to collaborate with key players in the sector to grow and develop technology within the value chain at an international level, helping to reduce polluting emissions and achieve climate change objectives for the benefit of the community.’


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