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Coatstone take delivery of first Volvo paver

Volvo P6870C paver

Surfacing firm breaks with tradition and adds a P6870C wheeled paver to mixed fleet of paving equipment

COATSTONE Surfacing Ltd of Swindon, Wiltshire, have broken with tradition and purchased their first Volvo P6870C wheeled paver. Joining a mixed fleet of road-paving equipment, the machine was chosen following a successful demonstration and evaluation.

Commenting on the new addition, managing director Jason Richens said: ‘We were extremely pleased with the machine on demonstration. The overall build quality and low noise emissions are impressive, and it lays an exceptionally high-quality mat.

‘In addition, compared to what we’ve previously experienced, the P6870C demonstrates a very good ground clearance, which assists greatly when we are working around raised ironwork.’

The P6870C is powered by Stage IIIB-compliant Volvo D6 engine that produces 175hp. At the heart of the machine is the EPM II electronic paver-management system, which incorporates a ‘Settings Management’ system.

This allows the operator to store up to 12 parameter settings for major functions such as screed temperature; tamping and vibrating; and conveyor, auger and paving speeds.

Other key features include ‘Smart Power’, which offers optimum power for the job at hand, together with 6x6 ‘Smart Drive’ technology for superior continuous independent traction control over all six wheels. Even on the most difficult bases, tractive forces are automatically adjusted according to the weight of material in the machine’s 12-tonne capacity hopper.

Screed performance is another distinct feature on Volvo pavers. The P6870C has a variable screed width of between 2.5 and 5.0m in standard configuration (as supplied to Coatstone Surfacing) but can be fitted with optional extensions that provide widths up to 9.0m.

The machine has a theoretical output of up to 700 tonnes/h, at varying screed widths and depths. It also offers a high degree of manoeuvrability thanks to its ‘Active Steering’ feature and inside turning radius of 2.5m.

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