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Central Demolition select Blue washing plant

Central Demolition, based in Bonnybridge in Stirlingshire, have made a significant investment in a new recycling aggregate washing plant and have reported excellent results in increased reclamation of recyclables, end-product quality and recovered fines volumes.

Combining a range of compatible Powerscreen processing and conveying equipment - all sourced from distributors Blue Machinery Scotland - Central Demolition have enhanced their existing modern recycling plant and created a tandem configuration of specialist recycling machines to process large volumes of C&D waste for the production of a wide range of saleable reclaimed materials. Central Demolition are now confident that they are reclaiming between 90-95% from the thousands of tonnes of crushed demolition waste, inert materials, soils and skip waste fines at their Bonnybridge recycling station. Incoming raw waste materials for recycling and washing are brought in from Central’s own demolition and site clearance contracts as well as other sources throughout Scotland and North East England.

Ross Craig, managing director of Central Demolition, said: ‘We look to Blue Machinery Scotland as our single source solutions provider for all our recycling equipment needs. Blue Group is an expert in its field and we know we can rely on their experience and expertise right from the planning stage through to installation and commissioning. Additionally, we find that their after-sales product support through Blue Spares is pro-active, prompt and efficient, keeping any downtime to an absolute minimum’.


Central Demolition have installed a number of linked Powerscreen machines to enhance both primary and secondary reclamation of recyclables from the waste streams. The new plant consists of a Powerscreen Warrior 800 flat-bed screening plant, which is used as a pre-screener, scalping off +50mm materials and 6mm fines. The larger end-product is conveyed on to the washing plant system via a Powerscreen 1400 feeder, a 5032 conveyor and an over-band magnet for ferrous removal and then into a Powerscreen Powerscrub 120R logwasher. Here, the incoming material is intensively mixed with blades and paddles in a special trough that produces a friction action to break down the contaminants, allowing the scrubbed material to be discharged, fed on to a rinse screen and then finally passed on to a Powerscreen Chieftain 1400 for separating and stockpiling in 40mm, 20mm and 10mm sized clean recycled aggregates. The contaminants removed by the Powerscrub 120R logwasher, including timber, plastics and other ‘lights’, are floated off and dewatered on a trash screen ready for sorting and reclamation as appropriate.

Sand, slurry and dirty wash are also further recycled, wasting little in the process. Collected and transferred to a Powerscreen Finesmaster 60, the commingled material is pumped from the receiving sump to the Finesmaster cyclone where clays, silts and slime are removed, with the water being discharged to the settlement ponds for reuse within the washing system. The Finesmaster produces cleaner wash water, which, through an improved materials recovery, has increased the recyclable material extraction with a corresponding reduction in settlement pond maintenance and the associated costs. Sand from the cyclone is discharged, dewatered and stockpiled by a Powerscreen T 4026 conveyor/stockpiler.

From the large daily tonnages of waste that come into their Bonnybridge recycling station, Central Demolition are able to reclaim an increased range of clean saleable materials, including ferrous and non-ferrous metals, recycled aggregates in various specified sizings, sand, composting, soil improvement and landfill cover materials, board, timber, plastics and paper. The process, with all the environmental and cost-effective benefits of tip-to-landfill reduction, minimizes the volume of non-recyclable materials. The new washing plant has the following production capabilities:

  • 75 tonnes/h throughput
  • 10% silt content
  • 20 tonnes/h of 10mm
  • 17 tonnes/h sand
  • 15 tonnes/h of 20mm
  • 15 tonnes/h of 40mm.

Blue Scotland, 9 Broadleys Road, Springkerse Industrial Estate, Stirling, FK7 7ST;
 tel: (01786) 469444;
 fax: (01786) 469222


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