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Bobcat telehandler at Tarmac quarry

Buxton Lime Industries’ Hindlow Quarry produces lime for use in processes as diverse as toothpaste manufacture and leather tanning. The lime is made from limestone quarried at Tunstead Quarry nine miles away and delivered by train to Hindlow.

Like any operation of this size and complexity, there are a wide variety of material-handling and maintenance tasks to be carried out every day. For this purpose, Tarmac have purchased a Bobcat T40170 17m telehandler together with a number of attachments including a crane jib, fly jib, winch, pallet forks with side shift, bucket, and a man platform, the telehandler can now be used by one person to safely carry out many of the tasks on site.

The ability to carry out several different jobs simply by changing the attachment has also reduced the need to hold back work that, in the past, could only be done by hiring in a crane.

Tarmac have also purchased a Bobcat radio-control system to allow the operator to control a number of jobs in complete comfort and safety.

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