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Bauma debut for new CDE Evowash plant

Latest Evowash sand washing system to be shown for the first time at the show

FOLLOWING an extensive research and development programme, CDE have announced that they will launch the new-generation EvoWash sand washing plant at Bauma 2013.

The EvoWash is a compact sand washing system integrating a dewatering screen, sump and hydrocyclone configuration. The plant can meet specific requirements of the materials washing project on which it is specified. 


‘This year represents a significant year for the EvoWash as it is 21 years since the system was first introduced,’ explained Kevin Vallelly, research and development manager with CDE. ‘The 2013 EvoWash model will include some significant design changes which will further enhance its position as the premium compact sand washing plant on the global market.’

Central to the development of the new Evowash plant is a new dewatering screen design, which will deliver maximum dewatering of the sand product by maximizing the transmission of energy into the material, while minimizing the transfer of vibration to the supporting structure.

This is achieved through a new laminate sidewall design (patent pending) that provides for a more rigid screen structure while eliminating the requirement for welding or bolts on the gussets. The new screen is 30% lighter than the previous dewatering screen and is galvanized as standard.

The new fully bolted dewatering screen design also includes the new Vibro-Sync motor assembly mounted in a horizontal arrangement above the screen, which ensures a constant linear motion is maintained in the driving plane. 

Mr Vallelly continued: ‘We spent a lot of time in optimizing the new motor arrangement which will deliver increased dewatering performance and also reduce the power requirement by almost 40%.’

Other developments aimed at maximizing plant production include the use of new polyurethane liners within the hydrocyclone feed box which can be replaced quickly and easily, and the introduction of a new CDE abrasion resistant hose to control pump suction and discharge. 

‘This new development replaces the rubber lined steel pipework previously employed and will have a positive impact on plant production time by reducing maintenance requirements,’ explained Neil Mullan, senior design engineer at CDE. 

The new Evowash will include an optional integrated 10m stockpile conveyor. According to CDE, this represents an opportunity to maximize production efficiency as part of a key focus on transfer point technology to ensure the most efficient transfer of material from the Evowash to the conveyor. 

‘This option introduces our tried and tested integrated conveyor system from the M2500 mobile washing plant and increases the flexibility of the Evowash to allow us to meet the specific requirements of our customers,’ said Mr Mullan.


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