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AWO Recycling invest in Komptech equipment

Komptech Hurrikan S wind-sifter

Hurrikan S wind-sifter supplied by Finning opens new revenue stream for recycling firm

AWO Recycling Ltd's investment in a Komptech Hurrikan S wind-sifter from Finning has generated fresh revenue streams at both ends of their composting operation.

The recycling plant is now able to transform previously unusable contaminated oversize material into a viable biomass product. The biomass is then sold as a commodity to energy plants or returned to the beginning of the composting process.


The powerful pressure blower application of the Hurrikan S separates the lighter contaminates (mostly plastics), with additional magnetic and trap door functions, allowing metals and rocks to be cleared. The mobile machine also has the option of being powered by a 66kVA diesel engine or off mains electricity.

Tom Bedford, managing director of AWO, commented: ‘Investing in the Finning Komptech Hurrikan S has allowed us to enter markets previously unavailable to us. With the EU's landfill taxation now standing at £80 per tonne, we can process other waste sites' contaminated oversize for them, meaning they avoid these punitive costs.

‘This innovation has created new profitable revenue streams at both ends of the process: up front for taking contaminated oversize waste off other sites' hands; and at the back end where we are able to utilize the product as a tradable biomass.’

The Hurrikan S complements two other Finning Komptech machines used as part of AWO's composting process. The Finning Komptech Magnum trommel initially screens the composted material into a 10mm horticultural grade and a 25mm agricultural grade. It is the oversize left from this process that the Hurrikan S cleans and passes through to the Finning Komptech Easystar, which shapes the material into a suitable biomass size.

Julian Lamb, regional account manager for Finning Komptech who oversaw the Hurrikan S acquisition, said: ‘AWO were running at around 18,000 tonnes of processed material per year. With the new waste streams the Finning Komptech Hurrikan S has now opened, they will be able to fully capitalize on their 25,000 tonne business licence."

Mr Bedford added: ‘The machines are one thing, but we are also benefitting from the monitoring and service support from Finning. This was an influential factor when deciding to invest in more Komptech equipment. We now own five Finning Komptech machines and whether we are hiring them out to other operations, or utilizing them on site, we are confident that their performance levels will be upheld throughout their life cycle.’


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