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Asphalt plant protection from Ammann

Ammlub automation lubrication system

Ammann offer two key products to help reduce asphalt plant operating expenses and improve safety

ALL asphalt production businesses want to minimize the cost of ownership. The lower those expenses, the more competitive asphalt prices can be – and the higher profits can go.

Ammann’s efforts to help owners reduce asphalt operating expenses include two key products that protect their plants: Ammlub and Amdurit.


Ammlub is Ammann’s automatic lubrication system, which provides three key benefits: longer plant life, reduced fuel costs and improved safety.

Traditional lubrication methods can be a struggle, often requiring technicians to stretch and strain to reach extremely tight spaces, fighting dust, dirt and heat in the process. There also is the question of when to grease and how much to apply.

Ammlub (pictured) ends these battles. The labour-saving, smart system is mounted directly on the plant’s lubrication points and automatically applies lubricants at scheduled intervals, ensuring that the process is done on time, every time.

In addition, Ammlub eliminates downtime, as the lubricant applications can occur while the plant is running, allowing the completion of routine maintenance without a drop in productivity.

An immediate benefit is fuel savings, which can be reduced as much as 10% when all parts and components are working harmoniously.

With appropriate lubrication, those parts and components will also last longer, providing further savings. Because this system also locks out contaminants, the life of the plant will be extended too.

Workplace safety is also improved, as technicians no longer need to carry tools and fluids with them to access difficult-to-reach service points, which typically include all components along the process flow, starting with the cold feeder and ending with the discharge chute.

Amdurit is Ammann’s proprietary wear-protection system, which provides up to three times the service life of wear-resistant steel and protects valuable parts and components.

It makes maintenance easy too, as instead of replacing a component, operators simply swap out the Amdurit covering.

The wear-protection system results in savings on multiple fronts. Components last longer, which translates to fewer replacements and, therefore, lower costs. In addition, plant owners also avoid the labour costs associated with replacement of the components and overall plant uptime is improved as well.

There are many potential areas of use, including drum inserts; transition and discharge locations; feeders (both RAP and traditional); and silos. The preferred areas of use with regard to components for reclaimed asphalt feed are: the RAP elevator feed and discharge; the drum pipe infeed, cone and scales in the drum pipe; the intermediate container and chute in the mixer; and the RAP feed, worm screw and screw trough.

A range of fastening methods, such as welding, clamping and bolting, make it easy to replace the original part with Amdurit wear protection.


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