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Analysis of Aggregates Replenishment in Great Britain

Aggregates replenishment

BDS Marketing Research publish industry review for 2021 and for extended period from 2014–2021

THE 4th annual edition of the recently published ‘Analysis of Aggregates Replenishment in Great Britain’ report reviews the state of replenishment rates for the aggregates industry in 2021 and for the extended period of 2014–2021.

The eight-year review, undertaken by BDS Marketing Research, provides analysis of annual aggregate outputs, consented reserves tonnage information, and BDS-calculated replenishment ratios for sand and gravel and crushed rock (hardstone, limestone and sandstone) in Great Britain.


The report outlines key data to support the operational and strategic activity of the industry, identifies areas of opportunities for new activity, and provides thought and consideration for the future of aggregate replenishment.

The latest report suggests replenishment rates over the last eight years for both sand and gravel and crushed rock peaked in 2015 before rising further in 2018 for sand and gravel and in 2020 for crushed rock.

In the latest findings for 2021, BDS confirmed almost twice the amount of sand and gravel was extracted than replaced through new consents. For crushed rock, whilst the replenishment rate was higher than sand and gravel, it remained lower than that experienced in 2020. A total of around 104 million tonnes of new crushed rock reserves were consented in 2021 compared with around 126 million tonnes extracted.

The report considers the leading companies by tonnage consented for sand and gravel and crushed rock for the eight-year period and references high-volume consents during this time. For 2014–2021 Tarmac and CEMEX were identified as the leading companies for sand and gravel consented tonnages, and Hillhouse Quarry Group and Tarmac for crushed rock.

To find out more about the 2021 ‘Analysis of Aggregates Replenishment in Great Britain’ report or to purchase a copy, email: [email protected]


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