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Ammann release advanced CCC system


ACE-pro reduces compaction costs, reduces machine passes and prevents material damage

AMMANN, a leader in Intelligent compaction since 1998 when they launched the first ACE product, have released a new, highly advanced, intelligent CCC system (continuous compaction control) for soil and asphalt compactors.

ACE-pro is the newest generation of Ammann Compaction Expert (ACE) products. It takes the essential ingredients from previous ACE products, which have proven themselves in the field for decades, whilst adding leading-edge technologies.


The system provides absolute compaction measurement, meaning that measured kB value (MN/m) can be easily correlated with laboratory measurements. It also automatically adjusts frequency and amplitude based on those measurements and the compaction targets. The adjustments improve efficiency and quality by sending optimal force into the ground.

No additional display is required because ACE-pro is fully integrated into the machine’s central display. This maintains clear sight lines from the cab to the jobsite for convenience and safety. The intuitive and highly visible display presents a clear, simple dialogue that leads the operator through the compaction process – in the most efficient way. Straightforward graphics ensure effortless monitoring of compaction progress.

Operators can monitor progress in real time and assess when compaction has been achieved. This knowledge eliminates unnecessary passes of the machine – and all the costs they bring in terms of fuel, machine wear, and labour. ACE-pro also prevents over-compaction, which can lead to drum jumping and damaged materials or reduced machine lifetime.

The system is available on the Ammann ARP 95 tandem roller used in asphalt compaction, and on the ARS 110 and ARS 130 single-drum rollers utilized on soil and aggregates.

Several modes make control easy for operators of all skill levels. Through the display, the operator can select from: AUTOMATIC mode, whereby vibratory parameters (amplitude and frequency) are automatically controlled and adjusted by the machine based on compaction targets, measurements, and conditions; MANUAL mode, where the operator can pre-select amplitude and frequency; and USER mode, where the operator can pre-select settings based on known parameters from previous applications.

The ACE-pro can also be combined with ADS/GPS systems for accurate jobsite documentation.


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