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The Institute of Quarrying’s (IQ) calendar has been bustling with a variety of events already as we complete the first quarter of the year, ranging from CPD sessions and technical evenings to engaging discussions. I have had the pleasure of attending and presenting at some of these events, where I’ve had the opportunity to listen to exceptional and thought-provoking presentations by fellow members.

One of the most gratifying aspects of my role as President has been my participation in the Emerald Challenge, which showcases the strength of our members, highlighting their unwavering passion for projects that support sustainability. 

I must acknowledge Steve Cole Hon FIQ, the visionary behind this initiative, who not only conceptualized the idea but also provided the initial funding for the Challenge. Steve embodies the essence of IQ, showcasing a deep passion for our industry which is evident through his extensive volunteer work across numerous committees.

Having been involved in the inaugural challenge last year, where the winners were announced at the Fellows’ lunch, it has been rewarding to witness the progress of the projects that received funding. I am particularly delighted that updates from these winners are featured in this month’s magazine, which showcases IQ’s commitment to sharing innovations with its members and the broader industry.

IQ has reignited the Emerald Challenge for 2024 and is now actively seeking applicants for this year’s fund.

As part of our commitment to supporting our members, we have been advancing plans for the National Stone Centre (NSC) in Derbyshire. I am delighted to announce that the Mineral Products Qualification Council (MPQC) will be relocating to the NSC site later this year as part of IQ’s ‘centre of excellence’ for standards, skills, and competence. This move marks another crucial step in building a collaborative campus of industry bodies dedicated to meeting the skill requirements of our industry, not just for the present, but for the future.

This also includes our educational offerings to the industry. IQ’s partnership with the University of Derby, through its Centre for Mineral Products, continues to flourish. It is particularly exciting to see this collaboration expand into research and development, providing valuable opportunities to support companies and individuals as they propel our industry forward.

As the President, it is truly satisfying to recognize that we, as a professional institution, remain true to our roots and original objective set out in 1917 – to advance the science and practice of quarrying.

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