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Generac Mobile Products UK Ltd

  • Generac is a leading supplier of industrial tower lights and dust suppression units within demolition, quarry and construction sectors across the globe.

    We bring to market the world’s most expansive portfolio of lighting towers. Proven and tested around the globe, our lighting solutions deliver high performance. Featuring LED lighting, along with sustainable engine technologies including hybrid mobile solutions and battery stationery units through the Cube+ Tower Light Range, Generac Towerlight provides a comprehensive and sustainable lighting tower range.

    Through our DF ecology brand, the robust dust suppression range, features ten exclusive models and delivers new and innovative products which help reduce air pollution from toxic air-borne particles. The Dust Suppression range is already proven on track and road side as well as on heavy duty construction sites, supporting site teams in delivering effective and proactive dust management strategies. Pioneering the use of nebulized water in the DF Dust Suppression range, Generac products are able to capture dust particles less than <80microns much more quickly than traditional methods.  The use of this water technology further reduces the environmental impact due to less water waste, compared to traditional methods.

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