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New dust-suppression unit tackles air pollution

Generac dust-suppression unit

As part of their commitment to bring to market sustainable onsite solutions, Generac Mobile Products have unveiled the latest addition to the iconic DF Ecology range, which reduces dust and consumes less water.

The DF 3000 Mobile Power Tank (MPT) is a strong and independent dust control unit equipped with fog canon, generating set and 1,000 litre water tank positioned on an adjustable telescopic mast reaching over 4m.

The new dust-suppression unit is suitable for use on small- to medium-sized sites where water and energy are limited. It consumes only 10% water and includes an efficient Yanmar diesel engine with up to 3 hours of continual operation to cover an area of up to 20m.

With 10 models now available, the Generac | DF Ecology range has proven popular on rail and construction sites as operators look to new and innovative products which help reduce air pollution from toxic air-borne particles.

Activities such as earthworks, demolition, quarrying and building, along with onsite transport and manoeuvring of plant machinery across sites, have been cited as the main causes which generate high levels of dust from materials including concrete, silica, stone and wood. 

It is now mandatory for sites to ensure that steps are taken to reduce such pollution, limit the effects of inhalation of the dust particles and provide appropriate health and safety equipment by adopting a strategic plan which includes dust-suppression systems.

Generac Mobile Products launched their first dust-suppression unit in 2009 and have pioneered the use of nebulized water to trap toxic particles including silica and asbestos. The nebulized water is most effective at trapping dust particles less than <80microns whilst reducing environmental impact due to its reduced water consumption when compared to traditional methods.

Key benefits of the DF MPT 3000 include:

  • Reduced water consumption when compared to traditional techniques, therefore helping to meet sustainability targets and suitable for use on sites where water is limited.
  • Suppression rather than ‘extraction’ – delivering wide spread application and control.
  • Autonomous operation when dust is in the atmosphere providing consistent control and coverage.
  • Reduced staff costs – no dedicated person responsible as the system is autonomous.
  • Compared to traditional methods like a water hose, there is no formation of muddy surfaces across the working site, thereby keeping site personnel and plant, clean and safe.
  • Odour suppression for recycling depots and waste management centres.

Beat Nowrooz, business & product development manager for Pramac-Generac UK said: 'In our industry we tend to focus on delivering products powered by alternative fuels, but for us this is only one element on the sustainability agenda.

'We believe sustainability should also focus on delivering products which help site managers control and manage the long-term, environmental impact of the area they are operating in for themselves and others.'

The DF 3000 MPT provides a practical and safe solution for the quarry sector to take proactive measures in managing onsite dust and steps towards reducing air pollution.

The dust-suppression systems of Generac Mobile Products are suitable for a variety of applications, such as demolition works, mining sites, odour suppression in waste dumps, aggregate production or recycling, environmental repairs and much more. The smallest units, DF Mini and DF Mini Duo, are ideal also for asbestos removal and can be used for indoor works.

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