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Asphalt Industry Alliance (AIA)

News article

Chancellor Said Javid
04 September 2019 | Asphalt & Surfacing

MPA and AIA welcome Chancellor’s statement on infrastructure but call for greater delivery on the ground

Warm-mix asphalt
03 September 2019 | Asphalt & Surfacing

APPG report highlights carbon emission and efficiency benefits of WMA solutions on highways projects

01 July 2019 | Asphalt & Surfacing | 1 Comment

Transport Select Committee says long-term funding settlement essential to local roads maintenance

26 March 2019 | Asphalt & Surfacing

Annual Local Authority Road Maintenance survey shows local roads investment still falling short

11 March 2019 | Asphalt & Surfacing

Proposal to increase guarantee on utility firms’ roadworks and introduce new asphalt standards

08 February 2019 | Asphalt & Surfacing

Asphalt Industry Alliance says longer-term funding commitment would make sound economic sense

31 October 2018 | Asphalt & Surfacing

Asphalt Industry Alliance says extra £420 million for local road maintenance not enough

Rick Green
06 October 2018 | Asphalt & Surfacing

Asphalt Industry Alliance calling for an additional £1.5 billion per year to improve road conditions

Rick Green
29 March 2018 | Asphalt & Surfacing | 1 Comment

Asphalt Industry Alliance responds to Pothole Action Fund figures announced earlier this week

ALARM Survey
20 March 2018 | Asphalt & Surfacing

Annual Local Authority Road Maintenance survey reports one in five local roads now classed as structurally poor

Rick Green
27 September 2017 | Asphalt & Surfacing

Rick Green takes over from Alan Mackenzie, who has stepped down after five years as chairman

ALARM Survey
28 March 2017 | Asphalt & Surfacing | 1 Comment

Survey finds 17 percent of local roads in poor structural condition with less than five years of life remaining

09 January 2017 | Asphalt & Surfacing

Potholes: 2017 could be potential ‘tipping point year’ warn councils in England and Wales

Autumn Statement
24 November 2016 | Asphalt & Surfacing

Trade associations broadly welcome Chancellor’s announcements on infrastructure and housing

AIA infographic
02 November 2016 | Asphalt & Surfacing

Councils calling for greater slice of existing fuel duty to combat soaring road repairs backlog