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Enhanced E-Series Dumptrucks From Caterpillar

773E and 775E offer more power, additional body options and an automated on-board oil-changing system

Caterpillar have recently introduced two new E-Series rigid dumptrucks — the 773E and 775E — which are said to offer more power and greater productivity than the D-Series trucks they replace. In addition, the new 775E is able to work in a wider range of applications than its predecessor, as it is now offered with a choice of three different body configurations, each of which is designed to optimize performance in specific quarry or construction applications.

The new 773E has a nominal payload capacity of 54.4 tonnes — an increase of around 3% compared to the previous model — and a gross machine weight of approximately 99.3 tonnes. The larger 775E has a nominal payload capacity of 63.5 tonnes and a gross machine weight of 108.4 tonnes.

Both trucks feature the Cat 3412E diesel engine equipped with the company’s hydraulic electronic unit injector (HEUI) fuel system. On the 773E the 12-cylinder engine delivers 530kW, representing an increase of 4.1% compared to the previous model. The engine on the 775E produces 567kW, a 4.8% increase over the previous model. The 3412E engine also creates high torque rise — 40% in the 773E and 33% in the 775E — for fast response and high levels of lugging power.

Both the engine and mechanical drive train are electronically controlled and the components are electronically linked for integrated operation. The electronic systems monitor and control machine functions to help reduce wear, enhance performance and aid maintenance planning and diagnostics.

Expanded application range

Both models now offer flat-floor and dual-slope body options, thus equipping the trucks for a wider range of quarry and construction applications. The flat-floor bodies can be fitted with liners for extended body life in tough applications, while the dual-slope bodies are made from 400 Brinell steel and feature an 8o ‘V’ bottom and 18o ‘ducktail’, which work together to help centre the load and provide a lower centre of gravity for improved load retention on steep gradients.

The 775E can be supplied with a Hardox 400 flat-floor quarry body which does not require liners and is suitable for a wide range of material densities. The body is shaped to provide uniform dumping into hoppers, crushers and feeders.

Faster maintenance and reduced wear

Both trucks are fitted with Cat QuickEvac, a new on-board system that performs automated engine oil changes and pre-lubrication of the engine before cranking.

The system purges oil from the oil filters and empties the engine sump in as little as 2min. By transferring the oil directly to a used-oil receptacle, spillage is reduced and the need for messy drain pans is eliminated.

During refilling the pre-lubrication pump charges the oil system through the primary filters. The system ensures that clean oil is distributed throughout the engine and eliminates the need to run the engine before verifying the correct oil level.

The system minimizes contamination of the engine lubrication system, reduces oil spills and virtually eliminates the handling of waste oil, as well as reducing the time needed to carry out routine maintenance by as much as 50%.

QuickEvac also pre-lubricates the engine before starting, resulting in reduced dry-start wear and greater protection of components during cold temperatures when the oil does not flow so easily.

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