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New Concrete Mixing Plant from Liebherr

First published in the December 2016 issue of Quarry Management as Flexible Performance

Liebherr introduce their new Mobilmix 2.5 mobile concrete mixing plant

With many large building projects requiring a dedicated concrete plant, and with many ready-mixed concrete companies looking mixing plants that can to react to changing market demands, Liebherr’s latest mobile mixing plant, the highly flexible Mobilmix 2.5 with its easy transportation and fast assembly times, has been designed to help meet such needs.

Unveiled at bauma 2016, the Mobilmix 2.5 is built around a basic concept that has proved itself in demanding applications across all continents over the last 18 years, with more than 300 plants of this kind delivered worldwide. The new plant can be up and running within two days, yet Lieberr say its state-of-the-art twin-shaft mixer makes it comparable to a static mixing plant in terms of performance. Compared with its predecessor, the Mobilmix 2.25, output capacity has been increased by 10m3/h to 110m3/h and Liebherr have also optimized several other features so that customers can expect even greater efficiency, shorter cleaning times and less wear.

The Mobilmix 2.5 plant and in-line silo arrangement can be assembled and the electricity connected in one day. The basic elements of the new mixing plant are positioned on a supporting platform that is transported as a whole on a flatbed truck. The spacious container with the Liebherr’s Litronic MPS microprocessor control system is also integrated into this module. The base unit with the mixer system, weighing system and skip is lifted with a crane and unfolded and bolted in ist working position. Two additional transportation units provide the in-line silo and the support unit with dosing valves and weighing belt. Up to 140m3 of aggregates can be stored in the four or six in-line silo chambers. On day two, the cement silos are set up and connected to the electrics. A maximum of six cement silos can be set up, each with a capacity of up to
120 tonnes.

The new-generation Liebherr twin-shaft mixer has been completely reworked. This latest  Mobilmix uses the new DW2.5 version, which incorporates a number of innovations to improve efficiency. All functional parts of the mixer – including the electric motors, gears, hydraulics, mixer gate, central lubrication and high-pressure cleaning system – are positioned close together to give a clear operational overview. For service work on the mixer, only one of the four sides requires access, whilst changing the wear tiles has been made easier by making all screws directly accessible from the outside. Hose and cable paths have been also shortened significantly and simplified, whilst the gears are equipped with a directed oil rinse to stressed bearing points and a radiator that pushes air from the fan blades into the belt pulley. According to Liebherr, this provides a high degree of operating safety even in very hot countries.

With regard to housekeeping, a lowered mixer platform that slopes slightly towards the discharge hopper greatly simplifies cleaning, as does more spacious and improved accessibility to the mixer system. In addition, a new keyless security system on the mixer access hatch improves access for cleaning work, whilst an innovative feed flap on the skip and a dust filter system together provide maximum dust protection around the mixer platform. Cleaning of the twin-shaft mixer has been made easier by a reduction in the number of hoses, corners and edges, whilst the skip design, with its parallel running surfaces and plastic rollers, ensures efficient operation and minimizes wear and tear. In addition, all assemblies are galvanized and all components robustly constructed to improve durability of the plant. 

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