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‘Zero-loss’ desiccant air dryers

Hi-Line Industries Ltd say the latest version of their ZL-HBP desiccant air dryer can now achieve a dewpoint of –70° PDP without the loss of expensive compressed air. Featuring fully insulated vessels, a heater and heat-exchanger for good thermal efficiency, the dryer units are available with flow rates ranging from 10 to 10,000 standard cubic feet per  minute.

Stainless steel pipework is fitted as standard with independent fail-safe switching valves and full-flow check valves (low pressure drop) incorporated. Pressure equalization and heater protection systems are also provided, eliminating pressure fluctuations and maintaining safety standards.

A key feature of the ZL-HBP air dryer is its automatic energy- management system, which maintains the lowest possible running costs. Wasted heat use from steam, oil and compression, for example, can be optionally utilized wherever possible.

The unit is also operator-friendly; it provides a user interface with an indicator panel where digital dewpoint, pressure, heater and electrical displays, together with the cycle stopping time, are shown on the screen. 

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