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Wienerberger source renewable electricity from DONG Energy

Offshore wind energy

UK building materials producer enters into partnership with global leader in offshore wind power

WIENERBERGER, one of the UK’s largest providers of building material solutions, have announced a partnership with DONG Energy, a global leader in offshore wind power.

The new relationship means all of Wienerberger’s UK sites will now be supplied with renewable electricity, demonstrating the company’s commitment to responsible sourcing and reducing the carbon footprint of its business activities.

DONG Energy supply renewable electricity from eight offshore wind farms in the UK, backed by Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin (REGOs).

Last year the company announced it would supply renewable electricity at no additional premium, so that UK businesses can achieve their sustainability ambitions without commercial disadvantage.

The relationship will allow Wienerberger to reduce the environmental impact of their operations, which will, in turn, provide a direct benefit to customers – particularly those pursuing low embodied carbon options for the built environment.

Jeff Whittingham, managing director of DONG Energy Sales UK, commented: ‘DONG Energy are driving the transition to low-carbon energy systems in the UK, and we believe that businesses should have access to renewable electricity supply without incurring additional cost.

‘Naturally, we are delighted that Wienerberger share our ambition of creating this greener energy future. It’s exciting that one of the UK’s largest building material producers places such a strong emphasis on sustainability.’

Paul Stevenson, finance director at Wienerberger, commented: ‘Our procurement of renewable electricity is just one of many steps we are taking at Wienerberger to reduce our carbon footprint.

‘We’re pleased to be working with DONG Energy, a company which shares our values and is passionate about enabling a sustainable future.’

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