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Wienerberger-branded trucks set to hit the road


Wincanton and Wienerberger collaborate to create new livery for delivery truck fleet

WIENERBERGER have announced that a fleet of branded trucks will be taking to the roads in 2016 to deliver the company’s products.

The trucks, which are operated by Wincanton, previously used to travel anonymously, but now Wienerberger and Wincanton have collaborated to create a striking new livery for the vehicles, to help capture the general public’s attention and further establish the brand in the UK during 2016.

The fleet will initially be used to transport products across the south of England from factories at Smeed Dean, Warnham and Ewhurst, and a depot at Purfleet.

Melvyn Smith, Wienerberger’s commercial services manager, described the collaboration between Wienerberger and Wincanton is a fantastic opportunity for the business.

‘It will allow us to become a more recognizable brand in the UK and also continue to build the brand with our distributors and merchant customers, as it we will be seen on roads up and down the country every day,’ he said.

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