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WBB Minerals solve noise problem

WBB Minerals have purchased 50 bbs-tek reversing alarms from Brigade Electronics for use on vehicles at one of their Devon quarry operations.

A number of WBB Minerals’ quarries in Devon are located close to residential areas and the issue of noise from reversing bleepers on plant machinery became apparent at one particular site following a number of complaints from residents.

Quarry manager Joff Pugh began a trial of bleepers available on the market, including the bbs-tek reversing alarm.


The company decided to work with the residents to see which of the alarms would be most suitable. Noise trials were conducted from gardens as well as in the quarry and processing areas, resulting in the bbs-tek reversing alarm being chosen as it totally eliminated the problem. WBB Minerals also carried out a risk assessment to satisfy them that the alarm met their safety criteria.

The bbs-tek uses broadband (or white) sound technology. The reversing alarm is both directional and localizable, concentrating the sound within the immediate danger zone. This increases people’s response to the alarm and diminishes the chance of it being ignored.

The 50 102dB(A) reversing alarms are fitted to a range of plant at WBB Minerals’ South Devon Quarry, including dozers, wheel loaders and dumptrucks. Due to the nature of the operations at the site, the alarms have a robust heavy casing to prevent damage.

Since the initial trial, all WBB Minerals’ ball clay operations are in the process of fitting bbs-tek reversing alarms to all their vehicles.


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