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Volvo launch new demolition-spec excavator

Volvo EC750E excavator

Latest EC750E high-reach machine designed for work in Stage IV/Tier 4 Final regulated markets 

VOLVO Construction Equipment say they have launched the ‘industry’s most versatile multi-use demolition excavator’. Based on the company’s EC750E general-purpose excavator, the new EC750E HR has been reengineered for high-reach deconstruction work in the Stage IV/Tier 4 Final-regulated markets of Europe and North America.

The demo-spec excavator can be easily reconfigured using extensions and differing length booms to become a multi-use deconstruction tool – capable of undertaking a wide range of site tasks, including underground and under water.

The longest of the high-reach configurations provides a 36m (118ft) maximum pin height while carrying a substantial tool (at that height) weighing 3.6 tonnes. A second high-reach configuration has a 26m (85ft) maximum pin height but using a larger 5-tonne maximum tool. 

Central to EC750E HR’s configuration flexibility is Volvo’s patented hydraulic modular joint concept. The hydraulic modular joint uses a two-pin hydraulic lock mechanism to change from high-reach to digging configuration. 

As well as the modular joint on the base boom, there is also a second hydraulic modular joint on the extension boom. The interface on the extension boom is the same as on the digging boom, allowing the boom configuration angle of both the extension and the digging boom to be set quickly and safely between ‘bent’ and ‘straight’ configurations. 

With stability the root of both safety and performance in high-reach deconstruction applications, the EC750E HR has an all-new undercarriage. Specifically developed for the demolition segment, the undercarriage is heavier and wider than even that of the bigger Volvo EC950E excavator. Compared with the EC750E it is based on, the undercarriage of the EC750E HR is 1.6ft longer and 3.2ft wider with an impressive track gauge of 17.4ft.

Designed with transportability in mind, the retractable undercarriage on the demolition excavator features easy-to-remove track frames and the ability to self-disassemble/reassemble – meaning that moving the EC750E HR between worksites is relatively stress free. 

Comfortable and spacious, with controls that fall easily to hand, the Volvo Care Cab is an ideal operator environment for high-reach demolition. The cabin hydraulically tilts up to 30°, reducing operator neck strain and fatigue during operation. Furthermore, a dust-suppression system and camera on the demolition arm are standard, delivering clear images through the high-quality in-cab display. 

The high-visibility Volvo Care Cab also has a frame-mounted falling object guard (FOG) and side impact protection (SIPS). This is complemented by a heavy-duty belly cover and under cover, as well as a swing ring protection guard. The boom and crusher cylinders also feature added protection. 

The EC750E HR comes with a real-time ‘total moment indicator’ as standard. An effective load control system, angle sensors on the boom and pressure sensors on the main cylinder, continuously calculate the load moment status. This information is graphically produced on the easy-to-read in-cab display, with visual and audible warnings given to the operator when the stability envelope is approached or exceeded. 

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