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Volvo enhance and expand hybrid excavator range

Volvo EC350E Hybrid excavator

All-new powertrain for EC300E Hybrid excavator and two new models in 25-tonne and 35-tonne classes

USING an all-new base machine that itself offers a 10% improvement in fuel efficiency over the model it replaces, Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) have introduced three new hybrid excavators that offer a further fuel efficiency improvement of up to 17% compared with conventional machines.

The new range comes in the form of an enhanced 30-tonne class EC300E Hybrid excavator and the introduction of the technology in two new machines – the 25-tonne class EC250E Hybrid and 35-tonne class EC350E Hybrid.


All three machines use Volvo’s novel hydraulic-hybrid technology that harvests ‘free’ energy generated by the down motion of the excavator’s boom. The powerful and regular boom-down motions charge a hydraulic accumulator which stores and delivers energy, when needed, to drive the hydraulic assist motor that helps power the engine system.

Volvo CE say the hybrid models involve no compromise in ability and offer the same levels of controllability and performance as the standard machines, including being able to work in ECO mode and Hybrid mode simultaneously.

Also, unlike other hybrid systems, the componentry on these machines is relatively simple, consisting of minimal add-ons that are easy to maintain.

The extra energy boost which the hybrid system is able to offer helps take load off the engine and, in the process, delivers the improved fuel efficiency of up to 17% and up to a 15% reduction in CO2 emissions. When used in ‘dig and dump’ applications (especially those within a 90° swing), this straightforward approach is said to offer rapid payback.

While the EC250E Hybrid and EC350E Hybrid are all new, the EC300E Hybrid has been comprehensively upgraded. New features include:

  • 10% improvement in fuel efficiency, thanks to intelligent electro-hydraulics and new D8M Volvo engine – which reduces rev/min from 1,800 to 1,600, while delivering a 5% increase in power.
  • A 700kg heavier counterweight, providing greater stability and a 5% increase in across-lifting capacity.
  • New priority functions – allowing operators to prioritize one function, Boom/Swing and Boom/Travel, over another.
  • New adjustable boom-down speed control.
  • Improved response times – thanks to electric control joystick and fully electric travel pedals.

There are also improvements in operator comfort, including new boom-and-arm bounce-reduction technology, which lessens machine shock, and new optional Comfort Drive Control, which helps reduce fatigue by allowing operators to steer the machine using the joystick rollers instead of the pedals.

For maintenance purposes, access to the upper structure has been made easier, thanks to the new three-points right-hand side access. Also, a new splash guard on the urea tank makes filling easier and reduces the risk of spillages, whilst engine oil and filter change intervals have been doubled to 1,000 hours.


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