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Volvo CE launch PU40 mobile charging solution

The new PU40 power unit from Volvo CE The new PU40 power unit from Volvo CE

Innovative mobile charging solution set to transform off-grid work for compact electric machines and equipment

VOLVO Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) are launching a new solution to bring off-grid power for compact electric machines and other electrical equipment on worksites. The Volvo PU40 is a mobile power unit with a capacity of 40kWh and will be available in Europe.

Access to charging is one of the main challenges that needs to be solved to make the transition to electromobility easier. The Volvo PU40 power unit is compact, portable, and easy-to-use and can charge everything from Volvo compact electric machines to other electrical equipment on-site, such as other brands of compact electric machines and equipment such as drills and saws.

Charging the PU40 can be achieve via a low (6kW AC) connection to the grid, helping to avoid peak demand costs. Alternatively, fast charging via a 17kW DC charger is also available. Volvo compact electric machines can be fast charged using the integrated 17kW DC charger or via a 3kW AC outlet. The AC outlet can also be used to charge non-Volvo compact electric machines and other electrical equipment.


Filip Brkljaca, product manager for charging solutions at Volvo CE, said: ‘Thanks to an integrated 17kW DC fast charger, the PU40 enables recharging of Volvo compact electric excavators in as little as an hour, or two hours in case of the Volvo compact electric wheel loaders.

‘It’s even possible to fast charge the compact electric machines whilst simultaneously slow charging the power unit. So, customers can recharge their machines quickly and safe in the knowledge that they are doing so in the most cost-effective way. And the machines will be ready to go again when needed, maximizing productivity on site. Being able to charge other electrical equipment with the PU40 is an added benefit.’

An illustration of how the PU40 is charged and charges electric equipment An illustration of how the PU40 is charged and charges electric equipment

Weighing around 900kg and measuring 1,200mm x 900mm x 900mm, the Volvo PU40 power unit is suitable for both mobile and stationary use. Its small size and weight make it easy to move around the site to wherever the machines are located. It can be easily transported, for example, by the Volvo L20 Electric and L25 Electric machines using pallet forks.

The Volvo PU40 is the latest addition to Volvo CE’s charging solutions for their growing range of electric machines and is a clear sign of their commitment to providing customers with total solutions. It follows the launch of the Volvo PU500 power unit in January with its ~330–400kWh of capacity. More solutions are in the pipeline.

Electric machines are one part of the puzzle when it comes to establishing fossil-free worksites. Another is reliable charging solutions. The Power Unit is the next step in Volvo CE’s ambition to decarbonize the construction industry, helping customers to comply with environmental regulations whilst ensuring a steady and efficient supply of power to enable them to get the job done.

Last year, Volvo CE also published the protocol for their 48V DC power supply to make it easier for others to adopt and in an effort to facilitate an industry-wide common protocol to prevent customers needing different chargers for a multi-branded fleet.


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