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Volvo CE celebrate 60 years of live machinery demos

Volvo R100E rigid dumptruck

State-of-the-art Customer Centre in Eskilstuna welcomes more than 5,000 visitors in June 2018 alone

INDUSTRY veterans Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) first held live demonstrations for customers in 1958. Today the company takes great pride in its ability to showcase practically the entire range of Volvo machines at the state-of-the-art Customer Centre in Eskilstuna, Sweden.

Located in the town where Volvo CE began life in 1832, the recently renovated Volvo Customer Centre is the jewel in the company’s crown. The facility spans 75ha and houses more than 80 machines with the space to demonstrate them all on different terrains and at varying gradients, highlighting the full extent of their potential. In June 2018 alone, more than 5,000 visitors stepped through its doors.

One of the most popular models at the Customer Centre this summer has been the new 100-ton (95-tonne) Volvo R100E rigid hauler. Launched in April 2018, customers have been keen to learn about and test-drive the machine.

‘The R100E is the new flagship product designed, built and distributed from the Volvo rigid hauler facility in Motherwell, UK, which has over 65 years of rigid hauler expertise. It’s a completely new machine that delivers stability, a long service life, high profitability, durability and comfort. And moreover, it’s quick and simple to operate and maintain,’ said Paul Douglas, Volvo CE’s vice-president of rigid haulers.

Volvo’s special applications solutions have also attracted a lot of attention from visitors. At Intermat Paris, Volvo CE launched a new multi-demolition boom on the EC380E HR (high reach) excavator for Europe and North America. Many visitors to the Customer Centre have been interested in learning how this extension boom would enable them to use heavier tools with their demolition digging boom set.

‘In the straight position, the multi-demolition boom provides an industry-best tool weight capacity of 4.3 tonnes at 15.2m – still with a 360° working range. What is also exciting about this new boom is that it can be configured for double bending. This greater flexibility means that operators can work deeper and closer to the machine underground. Overall, the new multi-demolition boom for the EC380E HR high-reach excavator offers customers greater versatility for a faster return on their investment,’ explained Peter Lam, product manager for excavators within Volvo CE’s EMEA sales region.

Other popular new models have included: the L350H, L260H and upgraded L60H, L70H and L90H wheel loaders; the EWR170E short-swing-radius wheeled excavator, ECR355E short-swing-radius crawler excavator and EW240E MH material handler; the DD105 OSC oscillating compactor; and the P6820D paver.

Volvo CE say customers have also used their visit to Eskilstuna this summer to learn more about Volvo Co-Pilot, which delivers real-time machine data to a screen in cab, helping operators to boost their productivity, efficiency and safety. Following the European launch of the Volvo Co-Pilot Haul Assist function at Intermat, the system is now available for all of the company’s main product types – articulated haulers, excavators, wheel loaders, compactors and pavers.

‘One of the major trends in our world over the last decade has to be the explosion of data. Volvo have been collecting machine data through their CareTrack telematics system for more than 10 years but thanks to Volvo Co-Pilot, this data can now be delivered directly to the operator in the cab, where it can make an instant difference. Volvo Co-Pilot is a very important advance for the company indeed,’ said Peter Ahlberg, director of aftermarket strategy and product management for Volvo CE’s EMEA sales region.

Carl Slotte, president of the EMEA sales region, concluded: ‘The Volvo Customer Centre gives visitors a real insight into the Volvo brand, its long heritage and the expertise behind our machines. We are constantly developing our facilities and test-drive capabilities to remain the industry leader in the field. I would like to thank all the guests who have taken the time to join us in Eskilstuna this summer – we hope to see you again soon.’

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