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Vishay PM Onboard offer tip stability warning as standard

Vishay PM Onboard are offering tip stability functionality as standard on their latest onboard weighing systems, improving safety and minimizing downtime by alerting drivers of bulk-tipping and waste-collection vehicles to potentially unsafe conditions, such as uneven load distribution.

Vishay PM Onboard have worked closely with trailer manufacturers in the development of the TipWatch system, which has been extensively tested by various independent automotive testing agencies, in accordance with the Institute of Road Transport Engineers (IRTE) certification procedures.

During testing, a tilting platform was used to tip a fully laden 44-tonne articulated tipping trailer to 8.5°. The Vishay PM Onboard alarm was then triggered as the tilt table was at 2°, which gave an angle of 3° on the chassis. TipWatch has, therefore, been developed to activate an alarm when the load is more than 40% off centre or when side-to-side slopes greater than 3° are encountered.

Commenting on the positive results of the testing, Sean Folkard, sales and marketing director at Vishay PM Onboard, said: ‘Two of the key factors in the Health and Safety Executive guidelines for tipping safely are to ensure that the load is evenly distributed and that the vehicle is level, both of which are accurately measured through our onboard weighing systems.

‘The new stability system is a natural extension of our proven load-cell and onboard weighing technology, offering operators a range of benefits, such as reduced risk of injury caused by a tipper rollover, less downtime and a significant reduction in the cost of vehicle recovery.’

Vishay PM Onboard Ltd, Airedale House, Canal Road, Bradford, W Yorks BD2 1AG; tel: (01274) 771177; fax: (01274) 781178

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